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If you are in an accident ... Most people know enough to gather some information about the other driver and car at the scene of an accident but there are some very specific precautions you should take. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How to save money on your auto insurance ... Understanding your automobile liability insurance policy is vital to saving money. The purpose of auto insurance is to compensate you and others for your injuries and damages, not to make insurance companies wealthy! CLICK HERE to start saving money.

Homeowner and landlord alert ... In California, landowners owe a duty to anyone who comes onto their property and sustains injury because of the property owner’s negligence. Are you properly covered? CLICK HERE for steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Mediation: the choice of the future ... People are using this fascinating process to solve disputes among employers and employees, condominium owners/landlords and tenants, business owners, or just about anyone who is having difficulty reaching a solution when conflicts arise. CLICK HERE to learn more about mediation. CLICK HERE to find out why "mini-mediations" can be an integral component of complex litigation cases.